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You might ask why we removed the red arrow on our original designs. Well, it was easy, we re-evaluated our design and thought that it looked better without the arrow so we removed it. It is just that easy. If you loved the red arrow, let us know, and we can accommodate you. Thank you,

About Us - Shirt Care

GopherWear Care


Thank you for purchasing a shirt from GopherWear. We take great pride in selling shirts made of quality materials.


To enjoy your shirt for years to come and to help ensure that it continues to look as good as it does today, we recommend the following:


Please do not wear GopherWear when painting.

Please do not wear GopherWear when working on your vehicle.

Please do not wear GopherWear when working in the garden when you are dirty and dusty.


But seriously:

Machine-wash in warm (not hot) water using a gentle cycle. Please turn the shirt inside out before washing and wash with similar colors. Remove the shirt from the washer so that it does not lay in a wad in the washer. Use a non-chlorine bleach only if needed, and do not over bleach. Tumble dry in a low to medium dryer only, and do not over dry. Hang up to let your shirt do the final dry. Cool iron only if needed. Do not dry clean. We recommend hand washing all shirts for maximum life.


Thank you for purchasing GopherWear.

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How PayItForwardCharlie.com started...

Two incidents that shaped our business.

One evening the two owners were driving back from the San Francisco Bay area when the motorist in front of them paid it forward by paying their toll crossing. Those two owners made a commitment about paying it forward right then!

On another occasion, one of our owners was inspired by a story she heard of a stranger buying her friend dinner. She was so moved by this act of kindness that she decided to change her corner of the world, or maybe a little bigger piece than just her corner.

That day, she pondered what to do, and by the end of the day had decided to start a website selling positive message tee shirts that could, and possibly would, change attitudes about generosity.

Has anyone ever prepaid your cup of coffee, or prepaid your toll? A little act of kindness changes the heart of both the giver and receiver.

In a loving and fun way, we feel that these tee shirts will encourage people to be just a little kinder to their neighbors. Help restore faith in our neighbors!

Thank you for viewing.

The PayItForwardCharlie.com Team